PreventID® Gluten Detect

PreventID® Gluten Detect determines a degradation product of gluten formed in the intestine during digestion. The breakdown product is excreted in the urine and can be detected there with PreventID® Gluten Detect. This allows self-monitoring of compliance with the gluten-free diet.

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PreventID® Gluten Detect

But gluten eaten?

Gluten intolerance is the cause of celiac disease (also known as sprue) and gluten sensitivity. The latter is also known as non-immune and non-autoimmune gluten sensitivity (non-celiac nonwheat allergy gluten sensitivity).

In celiac disease, lifelong adherence to a gluten-free diet (GFD) is of great importance. Strict adherence to the GFD can help the gut recover, prevent complications and improve quality of life.

When visiting restaurants or traveling, it is not always possible to adhere to the strict GFD, as even supposedly grain-free products may contain gluten or the gluten content of the meal cannot be determined.

Your benefits

  • Self-monitoring of the gluten-free diet
  • Fast detection of dietary errors
  • Can be used up to 24 hours after eating food containing gluten


Please note that self-tests, like all diagnostic tests, are only part of a diagnosis and cannot replace a personal consultation with medical professionals. We recommend that you seek medical advice in case of uncertainty, questions and especially in case of a positive test result.

Components PreventID Gluten Detet
Short Instruction PreventID Gluten Detect

Relative sensitivity

91 %

Relative specificity

99 %

Detection limit

0.5 ng/ml

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