Preventis SmarTest® Vitamin D Home

Measure your vitamin D level in 15 minutes, anywhere, anytime

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Preventis SmarTest® Calprotectin Home

Therapy monitoring for inflammatory bowel diseases

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PreventID® CC

Quick and safe colon cancer screening from the comfort of your own home.

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Patient-oriented diagnostics - anytime & anywhere

We are a globally oriented company with a focus on the distribution of point-of-care diagnostics. Our innovative products represent the state of the art in science and are predominantly related to the specialities of gastroenterology, infectious diseases, reproductive medicine and oncology.

The QuantOn® technology by Preventis enables the quantitative evaluation of a lateral flow rapid test thanks to a product-specific Preventis app. By scanning the test cassette, the app determines the quantitative measurement result based on the colour intensity of the test bands. This is highly valid and comparable with parameter-specific gold standards.

The qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative rapid tests of Preventis GmbH strengthen the freedom and self-determination of the users, serve as a useful tool for efficient practice management and are used in corporate health care.
All our tests combine high reliability with ease of use for near-patient diagnostics within minutes. Our health-economically efficient products are therefore ideal for use in the clinic, practice and everyday life.

Selbsttest für zu Hause

Rapid tests for home use

As a self-tester, you can use rapid tests for self-testing, including our app-based SmarTests for quick diagnosis and prevention from home.

Tests für Praxis & Labor

Rapid test for professionals

Our rapid lateral flow tests for healthcare professionals are predominantly in the areas of gastroenterology, infectious diseases, reproductive medicine and oncology.



Corona, Grippe oder RSV?

Millionen Deutsche sind derzeit krank. Symptome wie Schnupfen, Husten und Halsschmerzen sind allgegenwärtig. Aber um was handelt es sich – Corona? Grippe? RSV? Oder doch nur eine „gewöhnliche“ …


FIT tests for colorectal cancer screening

Bowel cancer is one of the most common types of cancer worldwide. In Germany, about 60,000 people are newly diagnosed every year, and about 460,000 people live with a colorectal cancer diagnosis. …
Darmkrebsmonat März


Darmkrebs – Immer noch ein Tabuthema

The fear of being diagnosed with bowel cancer and the feeling of powerlessness mean that far too little preventive care is still being taken. This is despite the fact that around 1.9 million people …

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PreventID® Cardiac Troponin I

PreventID® Cardiac Troponin I is a simply designed test that uses a combination of particle-bound anti-cTnI antibodies in combination with a detection reagent to detect cTnI in whole blood, serum or …

PreventID® Vital-D (Home)

PreventID® Vital-D is a dry blood test and is used to determine the 25(OH)-vitamin D status. Take capillary blood at home for the determination of the 25(OH)-vitamin D status. The evaluation of the …

PreventID® Lyme Borreliosis

The PreventID® Lyme Borreliosis is a qualitative, membrane-based immunological test (lateral flow assay) for the detection of IgG and IgM antibodies against Borrelia in whole blood, serum or plasma …
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