Preventis SmarTest® Ferritin Home

Preventis SmarTest® Ferritin Home offers a combination of quick test and smartphone app for the quantitative determination of iron levels from home. For the quick test, a small blood sample is taken …

PreventID® Micro-Albumin

Micro-Albumin should be performed once a year in people with diabetes, and even quarterly if the result is positive. PreventID® Micro-Albumin is a competitive, immunochromatographic rapid test for …

PreventID® TSH

The PreventID® TSH is a rapid immunological test for the detection of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) in serum, plasma or whole blood (heparinized). The detection limit of the test is 5 μIU/ml.

Preventis SmarTest Pro® Ferritin

Preventis SmarTest Pro® Ferritin offers a combination of rapid test and smartphone app for the quantitative immunological determination of the ferritin content in capillary blood. For the rapid test, …
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