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PreventID® CC Professional

The immunochromatographic occult blood test PreventID® CC is a rapid test for the qualitative detection of the valuable red blood pigment hemoglobin in stool as a marker for bleeding in the …

PreventID® Haemo/HaptOccult

PreventID® Haemo/HaptOccult offers even greater certainty thanks to an expanded detection spectrum. The immunochromatographic occult blood test PreventID® Haemo/HaptOccult is a rapid test for …

PreventID® Bladder

PreventID® Bladder is a rapid immunochromatographic test for the simultaneous determination of the bladder cancer marker (BCM, human complement factor H-related protein) and hemoglobin in urine for …

PreventID® Cardiac Troponin I

PreventID® Cardiac Troponin I is a simply designed test that uses a combination of particle-bound anti-cTnI antibodies in combination with a detection reagent to detect cTnI in whole blood, serum or …

PreventID® CRP 1/3

PreventID® CRP 1/3 allows to distinguish between low (CRP < 1 mg/l), average (CRP 1–3 mg/l) and high risk (CRP > 3 mg/l) for a cardiovascular event.

PreventID® D-Dimer

PreventID® D-Dimer is a simple test that qualitatively detects D-dimer in blood or plasma via a combination of anti-D-dimer antibody-coated particles and detection antibodies. The rapid test is used …

PreventID® C. diff Combo Tox A+B

PreventID® C. diff Combo Tox A+B detects two different antigens for C. difficile, i.e. toxin A and toxin B, in stool samples on two different test strips on a single test cassette. This allows the …

PreventID® Chlamydia

The PreventID® Chlamydia uses specific antibodies to detect Chlamydia antigen. detection. The rapid immunochromatographic test provides a result within 10 minutes.

PreventID® Dermatophyte

The PreventID® Dermatophyte is based on an immunochromatographic method for the determination of dermatophyte antigen in nails infected by dermatophytes.
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