Preventis SmarTest® Calprotectin Home

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Preventis SmarTest® Calprotectin Home

Calprotectin – rapid differentiation in unclear intestinal complaints

Calprotectin is considered an important inflammation marker in the diagnosis and treatment of complaints in the gastrointestinal tract. Close monitoring helps to monitor the effectiveness of therapy and thus increases its safety.

Preventis SmarTest® Calprotectin Home is the successor of QuantOn Cal® and is also based on the unique QuantOn® Technology, an innovative combination of rapid test and app.

Test principle
The test system consists of a rapid test that detects calprotectin in stool and a smartphone app that quantitatively evaluates the result of the rapid test by scanning the test cassette. This result is linked to the answers of a clinically validated questionnaire and transmitted to the treating healthcare professional on request.

SmarTest Calprotectin app: To evaluate the test, you need the SmarTest Calprotectin app, which is available in the App Store or Google Play Store. Smartphones based on iOS are prepared for the testing by our technical support. Android based devices that are not yet qualified by Preventis can be qualified for the test individually with the help of camera test card, if your smartphone meets certain minimum criteria.

Your benefits

  • Includes clinically validated questionnaire for a better assessment of the health status
  • Independent device qualification, test erformance and evaluation
  • Medical control via data transmission optional


Note: Please note that self-tests, like all diagnostic tests, are only part of a diagnosis and cannot replace a face-to-face consultation with medical professionals. We recommend that you seek medical advice if you have any uncertainties, questions, and especially if the test result is positive.

Preventis Portal -Therapy monitoring for physicians

Free Preventis Portal for treating healthcare professionals to view patient test results.

  • After successful registration, an own competence center can be founded.
  • Patients can be invited to their competence center and share their results with this center.
  • View the test results of the associated patients under your own competence center.

For more information please download the manual under Downloads.

Components Preventis SmarTest Calprotectin Home
Short Instruction Preventis SmarTest Calprotectin Home

Compared to the IDK ELISA


50 μg/g: 93.8 %

200 μg/g: 92.1 %

600 μg/g: 89.3 %


50 μg/g: 93.8 %

200 μg/g: 91.3 %

600 μg/g: 93.0 %

Measuring range

31–4000 μg/g

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Preventis SmarTest® Calprotectin Home Video

Is my device supported?

  • Apple devices require an operating system of version 12 or higher
  • Android devices require an operating system of version 5 or higher

Last update on 2024-01-16

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