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App-based, immunological rapid test for the detection of occult blood in stool.
Take colorectal cancer screening into your own hands!

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Preventis SmarTest FIT (Home)

For rapid, safe colorectal cancer screening at home

The detection of hemoglobin in stool can be used as a marker for gastrointestinal bleeding for colorectal cancer screening. Blood in the stool can come from tumors or polyps in the intestine, among other sources. If hemoglobin has been detected, a colonoscopy must be performed to determine whether the bleeding is actually from a tumor or a precancerous lesion. With a colonoscopy, the stool test has been shown to reduce the risk of dying from colorectal cancer.

The SmarTest® FIT test system consists of a rapid immunological test and a smartphone app. The rapid test detects human blood in stool using gold-conjugated anti-hemoglobin antibodies, and the app quantitatively evaluates the result of the rapid test based on the color intensity of the control and test bands. The result is automatically displayed and saved on the smartphone.

You can see a list of already supported smartphones below. If your smartphone is not yet listed, you can qualify it for the test using the camera test card. Attention: not all smartphones meet the requirements of the app.

Your benefits

  • High reliability due to highest specificity
  • No diet required before use
  • Test results after 15 minutes


Please take about 20 minutes to perform the test undisturbed. Make sure that your cell phone is sufficiently charged (battery level at least 20 %). The SmarTest FIT® app requires an active internet connection at regular intervals, but at least every 48 hours, to load the latest calibration data. Do not switch off the phone and also the ringtone/signal tones during the application, as the timer of the test uses a signal tone.

Components Preventis SmarTest FIT (Home)


Limit value 9.6œªg/g: 31.5œ%


Limit value 9.6œªg/g: 93œ%

Detection limit


Measuring range


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