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PreventID® Vital-D (Home)

PreventID® Vital-D is a dry blood test and is used to determine the 25(OH)-vitamin D status. Take capillary blood at home for the determination of the 25(OH)-Vitamin D status. The evaluation of the PreventID® Vital-D test takes place in our laboratory.

For self tester

PreventID® Vital-D (Home)

Measurement of the vitamin D status by experts in the laboratory/laboratory analysis

Vitamin D is involved in various metabolic processes in the body and promotes bone hardening by regulating calcium and phosphate metabolism. The body is supplied with vitamin D in two ways: firstly, it can be absorbed through food, and secondly, the body's own formation of vitamin D is stimulated by exposure to sunlight (UV-B).

Your Benefits

  • Collect your blood sample conveniently at home
  • Send the test letter together with the dried blood sample in the enclosed return envelope by mail to our laboratory
  • Receive report letter/result within a few days
  • Precise detection of vitamin D concentration (concentration range from 2.3 - 150 ng/ml)